The black woman is God,

The black woman is power,

The black woman is beauty, elegance so she empowers,

The matters of our fathers

The fountain, she is the portal

driving force a chauffeur, who deserves another chauffeur

aren’t no other form of order

without her own order.

Oh mother through explosion my skin pierced yours

when you open up those doors

of endless opportunity for mankind,

basking in your far kind kindness,

your empress oh your highness

your knowledge and wisdom is timeless.

Through the niles and d congos,

The Nigers and Limpopos

Her blood flows in many beautiful skins

As the moon glows.

The mother of the world

The bearer of the sun

The one that was first, from which we be got the other ones.

Though battles ever won though many battles ever lost

Your love remains forever more cos the black woman is GOD

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