Okay let’s talk about happiness or better yet goodness oh wait let’s call it good. How can you be good well just be you, so simple as it’s literal meaning when you’re you things are great, everything falls into place and in tune with the divine creator.

If you contradict yourself? it’s alright, you will suffer for it because nature will in a way correct you. Ignore the pain or hide behind the smoke screens initiated by societies? The consequence will surely show.

Now how are you good? What is good? ...... To me there is no general answer to that considering how far we have come in dividing the ideas and morals of humanity. That fruit from the garden sure leads to death wonder why Eve refused to eat from the tree of life before God checked on them, anyway back to our topic, what if my doctrine is from the EAST, yours from the WEST, my sister’s from the SOUTH and your brother’s from the NORTH? Now we all have four different set of rules that determines our actions and the doctrines on which our way of life is resting upon, a Muslim should not eat pork right? That is a Good Muslim same time a Muslim can have some numbers of wife isn’t that Goodness? Though a Christian can only have one that is also a Good Christian. Christians can pray anywhere even while running no need of facing a cardinal point that’s good too but Muslims have to face a point of the cardinal before praying this is also a good thing in the eyes of a Muslim. I’m just trying to explain to you how good can be good for you and bad for your brother and the bad for your brother the good for you

Now Let us take a practical example from history say Osama Bin laden, a successful jihadist he successfully bombed the world trade center, now he was successful in doing that which makes him not just good but one of the best in the doctrine he choose to practice that is good for him but in the heart of the Americans 9/11 will always be a bad day that a “terrorist” killed innocent Americans now you see that goodness is a personal idea.  Another example in history is the crusaders a military arm of the early Catholic Church that claimed to be spreading the gospel of Christ using war as their tools and killing any resistance, tearing communities apart. Then they made us believe they were fighting for God and bringing us good news when in actual fact they were fighting for dominance and lands so you see that is another side of good.

Be you who or whatever, even where ever  you are occupying in this dimension we are, fake it all you want, compensate yourself all you need, get the degrees, get the materials the chieftaincy, see just use your head and do whatever works for you. Everything we are facing right now is man manifestations, do you not understand? Trust me you have that part in you, that element of your goodness that could create a unique product that will solve people’s problems in this world we are, that something that you are exceptionally good at, something you do that brings enormous result, something people have never seen before, it comes from the realm of creation it’s what you are set to be the default  you. Like Shakespeare and literature, Einstein and science, Crowley and alchemy, Fela and music, Tunde Kelani and movies…  Check this out I have a project of building a pyramid, I need resources for this project so I hire people to help out on this project, you see people are now resources in getting my goal and these set of people see my goal as their source of livelihood and a means to achieve their own individual goals “they help another man’s goal in other to achieve theirs”…. Now do you think God created you so you can spend the longest part of your days in a cubicle working and dying for another man’s goal? what about those things that man didn’t create things more vivid and real even more than the name you claim(a word of command giving to you without your consent) God creations ended on the sixth day, all other where through men even though some through God’s guidance but it’s still through men………. Be real to yourself first embrace your soul the all that you are made of and then you can see the path, no matter how many people you run to for salvation the power lies within you happiness, goodness, joy, faith, peace, God. These goes together and it is as simple as what it means you have the power to dwell in them so also are hate, bitterness, sorrow, fear, this are weeds which are to be cleared from the farm of thoughts don’t water them..

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