Work on self lyrics



work on self was produced by rhook (@castlebeats), mixed and mastered by Jasen Blu and contains chopped vocal samples from queen of katwe

Intro (chopped vocals of david oyelowo (queen of katwe) )

They have nice clothings comfortable beds they are like dogs everything comes easy but you my cats are running for your lives.


1. (rhookcastle)

Mo file sile mo dagbere mo tete gbeko lo/

Egbemi ti kole to bimo ikan tie ti sekomo/

Eni olorun bafe kosoloso tole toromo/

The timing is right and I'm shining my light  mi o je le raye le wagowan/

I come alive in the night time 

Saidi osupa the pysch type /

Mawule pemi ni nice (9nice) guy  

Rugeddy baba ni bai bai/

Iq sango pelu Einstein  

You not talking smart nigga aint staying/

You thinking bout flex you're not thinking ahead I'm not in your mood nigga aint playing/ 

I got the remedy I'm from the town where the sun is the energy/

This is my genesis emi lareku orunre fun faleti/

I'm going knowing aint nothing stop me even if you slow me got enough to pump me/

flow be so immortal style is nothing formal this is so important now I'm coming for you/

Kilowade so dayanmo ni Omo ologo sebi ayanmo ni/

Sebi ori leja fi man woma lomi  Oma darafunmi oya gum body/

They be no want make i pass them  They be no wan make i reign o/

But now i dey give them assignment

Mo mo we mo tun wona mo way o //


Hook (rhookcastle)

To wo bade lo ma bami lo  

Tola bade loma bami lo  

Before the money and the fame and the fortune ti n ba n wo danfo so ma bami gan ×2

Putting in work in myself so i can work for my self

Ready to blow ×4


2.  (rhookcastle)

It's amazing how the people we trust are falling out /

60billion go disappear like say na just 40naira/

Poor man they cry like say na water too penty for hin eye  /

Rich man go carry bucket like say na rain dey fall from the sky/

We getting ready to take the place  

Turn us to mugun na them they craze/

Voluntary form a military tell me do you get it say it to my face/

They say na crime if we talk about it 

Say e don dey happen 'fore they born my daddy  /

Piken no dey hear but e fit to copy  

That na why the cycle never ending  /

Tell me how much is  to save a life  

Tell me how much you dey keep for house /

Tell me how much is your private jet owo awon ti o le afford their daily bread/

Been fighting sleep like every night 

Writing scripts till i get it right  /

Waxing strong no be candle light  

But when i go blow mehn i can't decide // 


Bridge (chopped vocals of Nikita Waligwa (queen of katwe) )

In chess, the small one can become the big one. When he reaches the back rank he becomes a queen.




Outro (chopped vocals of Nikita Waligwa (queen of katwe) )

If your president is trapped no where to go you say checkmate now go away i dont like your bad smell

Rhookcastle yo!!