"My favourite man"


He was my favourite male of this i was sure, I thought of him as gentle the whole time. The gifts,the way he looked at me like I meant something,how he made his voice sound smaller than original when he had to tell me anything. I believed he made me happy because of how much I laughed when he tickled my sides when there was no one else around. Everyone else liked him too because his jokes got to them too,they believed in him as much as I did because he was like family already but then one day something quite different happened.

My favourite man came home and it so happened that I was alone and everything else seemed unusual about that day,he didn't crack his usual jokes or tickle my side's or hand me any gifts. On this day his look was intense and his body language off I wasn't sure what was wrong but I could tell that he scared me that day.

He finally spoke but his voice wasn't faked to the usual smaller tone and then the words dropped " I'll finally have you today, how much I've waited for this day".

He gripped my arm firmly with one hand and as I was about to shout he covered my mouth with the other hand and flung my tiny body on the bed,we barely had any neighbours since it was a new layout and he soon realised that my tiny screams wouldn't save me anyway and so he let me scream while he tore my dress and .........

I was only twelve years old and you don't have to blame him because I was just a spoilt child who refused to live the way a proper moral child should  and decided to open her legs for a forty two year old male willingly and lie about it later.

PAEDOPHILES are our friends and brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers,take care of the young ones under your watch.

Miséricorde Maya

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