You can record from home with little

One of the biggest challenges faced by up and coming artists is recording. Money doesn't come in easy and you need a lot of studio time to develop that potential in you.

It takes a lot of practise to become perfect at anything you do, music isn't different in this regard. From writing your songs to getting the right instrumental for it and ultimately getting it recorded,mastered and mixed  requires a lot of time.

A good song doesn't end at the writting process, recording and accurately  delivering the song also carries equal importance (some people will even argue it's more important). A listener can easily differentiate a well delivered song with all the emotions from a poorly delivered one, no matter the genre of the song.

This brings us to the question  " how do I become good at recording and delivering my songs"  ?

It's simple, record more songs. The amount of time you spend working on yourself will definitely show in the output of your final product. 

You will agree with me that booking studio sessions may limit you in a way. 8 hours might not be enough to get the job done for you and the producer might not be patient enough.( taking a verse over and over again can be very boring). And his energy can put you off, totally killing your vibe. 

You need to have your own set up that can record your music to an acceptable standard, this will give you enough time to build yourself to becoming a pro at recording. Knowing the distance you have to be away from your Mic when shouting, the volume you have to set your Mic to when you're whispering etc. All these little things can go a long way to help you as a beginner and ultimately save you a lot of cost.

Get good beats from your producer or from YouTube, record your songs from home and send it to your mixing engineer, makes it easy to record anywhere you are. 

These are the gadgets you need;


Mic stand

Speakers ( your headphone can be an alternative if you can't afford a speaker just yet) 


sound card  

And the wires. 

You also need a silent acoustic treated room ( a room that doesn't echo). 

Well that can be a little expensive but in my next post I'll teach you how to get it done cheaper.

With 80-100 thousand Naira you'll have a fairly acceptable recording set up. I'll break down the costs and give you a detailed information about the best products when you're under a budget.

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