Was earth designed to be peaceful?

Imagine a world void of chaos, a world without darkness, a world where you get everything you want, no wars, no natural disasters etc. how sweet will that be? Is it attainable?

These are my thoughts:

If darkness makes  light so important, isn't darkness as important?

How important are the heroes without the villians? 

Was trouble designed to bring man closer to God?

Is there ever going to be a time when we'll have total and absolute peace on earth? 

Well i hope so. 

We tend to fight everything we do not want, but we don't win we only create more ripples.

Maybe all these things we term as "bad" are there for a reason, For Balance?

Racism, Poverty, War, Drugs, Terrorism, Violence are the effects and reactions of our various actions and honestly i think it was designed to be this way.(for every action there's a reaction)

 If everything is good and perfect as we expect it to be, what then is our reason for existing?  Are These things the energy/fuel of life that keeps the universe going?  I guess I'll find out when I'm six feet deep but right now I'll  just live my life and be grateful for every moment I've  got to spend here on earth.